Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In transit/ castles and Adriatic winds/ bathtub that I fit in! (no cold knees sticking out)

I am sorry that I started this than failed to continue to give.
I have arrived in Zagreb and it is my first morning with promising adventures to come. Right now I look out the window and see the tower of a castle. That is so awesome.
More to come soon and recap of my last days in Paris.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Slow the fuck down/ new kicks/ The little things

Yesterday was a day of walking. My intention was to walk all over my favorite place - Le Marais. I did so in my big kicking boots with the UGHboot-like-fur around the rim. I arrive in Le Marias at 2 in the afternoon with one goal in mind, to find one of my favorite stores - Les Petites. I did not find the store till 4:30 and my feet were in such pain by this point. These images will explain why;

Notice the square straightness of the streets of Portland (like most cities in the US) and the zig zag streets of Paris? yes, I knew this and could have asked for directions but then I would have given away my position. Plus I was determined to walk. I did stop in a few other shops that caught my fancy or brought back memories from before. I got a falafell - cabbage and veggies and falaffel balls with some godly sauce on top all snuggled together in a warm pita pocket. I used to get these everytime I went to Le Marais. The man giving out the tickets in line told me his friend is in love with me, I turned and this beautiful older French man was staring at me. So of course I got scared, giggled nervously and turned around to get my falaffel.
I took many sitting breaks for the sake of saving my feat. Once I finally stumbled upon Les Petit, feet internally bleeding, I found these lovelies who cried for me to take them home;

I asked if it would be weird to wear them right away and they said no, so I did.
I than left to meet with my friend Nicole, my favorite friend that I met when I lived here. I spent a lot of time together before and it was like nothing had changed. She now has a little girl - Mathilde - who she found out was pregnant just before I left France. I almost started to cry when I found out that her middle name is Annie, she said because I was the first to know. Antoinne cannot know this right now though as she told him it is after his grandmothers name. We went to a pub and talked for over three hours straight. I will go stay at her place this weekend.

The little things that erupt nostalgic emotion;
The smell of the laundry soap
The gyspsies who sing on the metro
Getting lost in the streets but not caring
Recollecting moments with Nicole
Tea in bowls

TONIGHT; we go out on the town.....
Shelbi my love - we are going to a place that has fur on the walls, yes, like Barbarella.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Plane Passengers/ Windows and Plants/ Papa saved the day

It has been three years since I made a post on this blog from France.

Lets start from the best place, the begining.
4am : woke up
445: drive to airport
5am : got in line
510: passport, debt, credit and liscense not in wallet .
530: father comes to rescue with all items that I left in copier.
550: heart begins to beat normally.
620 : left the country

First plane ride, from Portand to Vancouver BC, I sat by a very large man who talked my ear off about his travels and that I should go Vegan. He said he is vegan because milk is so bad for you and it will certainly clog my artieries. He said I need to wach a movie called ''Forks over Knives''. While he is telling me about the wonderfulness that is veganism we were handed some air plane pretzels that tasted like burnt fake butter - first ingredient; ARTIFICIAL BUTTER FLAVORING. He read the ingridents and said ''this is not vegan'' but continued to eat the bag and asked if I was gong to eat mine, I gave them to him.
Next plane ride; Van BC to Montreal 4 hours. I sat next to a little girl about ten years old. Her mother sat behind us who was always reaching her hand over the seat to hand her daughter food or something. This plane had the tv's on the backs of the seats. I was looking for something short to watch and found a stand up comedy show. Some bald famous guy that plays on that show where there is money in a suitecase and women stand on stairs with suitcases and you have to guess the amount was on. He started his act asking why doctors have to stick their fingers up his ass. It was a lengthy number all about his rectum... I looked over and saw that the little girl appartently wanted to watch what I was watching and had begun the same comedy show... dear god. So I fast forwarded to show that I wasn't interested and than finally turned it off.
Next plane, Montreal to Paris, 7 hours. No one was next to me. A French man with a large witch like nose sat in the isle seat. He kept staring at me. Gave me his chocolate cake cause he is allergic. Later offered me a piece of chocoloate.
Arrived in Paris at 9 in the morning. I had been awake since 4 am. I can't sleep on planes... Got my suitcase and found a kiosk that sold magazines and ciggarettes, so I knew I could buy minutes for my french phone. The man was very helpful of course and once I got the minutes in he called himself on my phone and said ''now you have my number''.

Got on the metro. I smelled like death. One who has been in this position would understand what state my head was in by this point. Got to William by noon. I took a shower and he said we were going to get some beers and go to where they skate. He likes my new coat very much (he likes my black cape even more, so much so that when he left for school today he wore it). He said we were to take his motor bike and I peed my pants with excitement (not really but many butterflies were flying in my tummy). Passed the Eifle Tower on motor bike.
My computer is not working here.... something about the IP address not being found... lame. So I am sure there are many spelling mitakes on this as its a french key board and french spell check does not recognize any of these words so its all underlined in red.
Bought my ticket to Croatia, March 8th till March 16th - my heart hurts thinking about going home. William has been more gracious than I ever could have imagined. Its all about the little things. He always holds the doors open for me and I go in first. He wants to show me everything. I had such a different view of everything before this. My anthropology education is proving to be most beneficial.
I am off to visit my favorite shopping area; Le Marais